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Disaster Preparedness and Volunteerism Safety Series in partnership with St John's Episcopal Hospital and Ready Rockaway start  October 12th!!

World Cares Center is a member of the NY-NJ Hazardous Waste Workers Consortium ensuring volunteers and underserved workers receive the highest quality training and support  to protect their health and welfare when responding to crisis 

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As HURRICANE JOAQUIN builds steam we are

getting ready to increase our support to the community. We are calling all WCC Team Leaders and Volunteers to check and let us know if we can call upon you to help should there be a need.




World Cares Center's empowers grassroots communities to plan for and train to respond to crisis in a safe and coordinated manner thereby reducing the pain and suffering inherent in disasters and ensuring the safety of our volunteers and responders. 

Through TheResiliencyGroup, World Cares Center reinforces the power of people to help each other when the worst happens. From individuals to local leaders to municipalities our training facilitates communities working together towards resilience.

The Ready Responders Network is a virtual peer to peer network that engages and support to individuals and communities working together to become more resilient in the face of crisis and disasters 

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